Taylor Swift brought even more heat to the always hot city of  Miami, Fla. on Sunday night (Nov. 13). The singer's special onstage guest this time was rapper Flo Rida. With a name like Flo Rida, it's obvious where he's from, and he was the perfect choice for her to duet with, continuing her tradition of performing with and/or covering local artists. With her recent stage guests and performance mashups, Swift has certainly shown off her love of the hip-hop genre. She is nothing if not a versatile performer with eclectic taste in music.

Flo, known for his smash hits 'Low' and 'Right Round,' bounded onto the stage in a black vest and wasted no time jumping around with Swift, looking ever-adorable in her sparkly black dress with gold accoutrements. The two of them were bouncing around like they were in a club. Since Miami is known for its club scene and for being the capital of electronic music, Swift and Flo Rida pretty much turned the stage into a club, even if for only three minutes.

Flo has lyrical, er, flow, which he brought it to the stage and it certainly and visibly rubbed off on Swift. She was grooving, jumping and singing. She behaved just like any of the kids in the crowd screaming and singing along.

Swift tweeted about the experience of rocking out with Flo Rida post-show, writing: "Miami was awesome! Thanks to all the fans who traveled from all over, and to @official_flo for singing 'right round' with me! Insane night!"

The recorded version of 'Right Round' originally featured pop tart Kesha, but Swift was a more-than-acceptable replacement.

Watch Taylor Swift and Flo Rida Perform 'Right Round'