Once again Taylor Swift, who collected an armful of awards at the Teen Choice Awards ceremony last night, paid homage to artists from the city in which she was performing! During her August 6 stop in Philadelphia, Swift made sure to cover pop songs by both Pink and TLC, making it a full-on Philly girl party that delighted the packed house.

At the show, Swift sang Pink's 'Who Knew' and TLC's 'Unpretty' in a lovely little mashup. Even though TLC are credited as being from Atlanta, the late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was actually a native of the City of Brotherly Love -- so it was both a nice and impressive touch for Swift to actually know that piece of information and to pay tribute to the late singer in her native city. Two points for Taylor Swift on that front, since she certainly brushes up on her pop culture knowledge and actually puts some real thought into her covers.

However, what's most striking about Swift's geographical covers is that she actually performs the songs as if they were her own. She gives it her all for every single cover she attempts, even if she just performs a portion of a song as part of a medley. You feel like you are sharing a little bit of Swift's own personal experiences with other people's music when she indulges in a cover song.

Wearing her pretty purple stage frock, Swift cradled her guitar and sang with her fans, taking two well-known and well-constructed pop songs and giving them the Taylor Swift treatment. This means that they were played with an acoustic guitar and were enhanced with plenty of deafening fan singalongs. Swift is nothing if not a crowd pleaser!

Watch Taylor Swift Perform Pink and TLC Songs in Philadelphia