Chicken noodle soup must have worked like a charm for Taylor Swift, who is back on her feet and back on her Speak Now Tour following a bout of bronchitis. The 'Mean' hitmaker was forced to cancel several shows a few weeks ago for the first time in her history as a performing artist.

Naturally, the singer -- who outwardly showers her fans with love at any given chance -- was thrilled to be healed up just in time to hit Canada. "I'M NOT SICK ANYMORE!!! JUST PLAYED IN MONTREAL. AMAZING CROWD," Swift tweeted Thursday. "I'M SO EXCITED, THIS IS MY FIRST (and only) ALL CAPS TWEET."

The 'Love Story' superstar canceled a total of four shows across the southern states. First came Louisville, K.Y., which was followed shortly after by the two Atlanta, Ga. tour stops as well as Charlotte, N.C., by the advice of Swift's doctor, who put the red light on her performing.

True to her word, Swift was able to reschedule all of her missed concerts. Louisville will go live on October 11, and the pair of Atlanta dates have been lined up for October 1 and 2. Swift will make up for her absence in North Carolina on November 16.

The Speak Now Tour continues tonight, July 15, in Toronto.

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