Guests come to 'Ellen' have a good laugh and sometimes dance and sing, but the audience during Monday's show (Oct. 27) had a hard time with all but the laughing. Host Ellen DeGeneres passed around a microphone for a karaoke version of Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off,' and it was awful ... and hilarious!

"Tay Tay is here and she has a new hit, 'Shake It Off,' and it's one of those catchy songs that you immediately know all of the words to," DeGeneres says, adding, "At least, I thought so ... and then I asked my audience to sing it, and not everybody knows all the words."

The funny clip finds adults clapping and shaking their groove thangs to Swift's pop hit, and while the first girl gets the lyrics spot on, it's all downhill from there. Highlights include lyrics like: "ick stop bus stop loosin," something about "Susan" and "Daynus gonna shay shay shay shay shay." There may have been one enthusiastic Oakland Raiders fan in the house, because she was singing about the team playing (at least she got the words "play" right).

Really, the flubs were far too many -- and too funny -- to count. Our favorite part? When an older woman gets her chance to shine. This 'Shake It Off' 'cover' (we say that loosely) is the best thing you'll see all week.

You Think You Know Taylor Swift?