Taylor Swift never fails to offer up anthems of love, loss and the day-to-day experiences of being a young girl in love in a big world. Her themes fit perfectly into the CW's new series 'Hart of Dixie,' which premiered on the channel in September and will pick back up on Jan. 23. In a recent promo clip for the upcoming season, Swift's 'Sparks Fly' plays behind the sneak peak of the season, rife with the romantic, comedic drama that's come to be expected from the CW.

'Hart of Dixie' is the story of a young, highly driven city girl named Zoe Hart (played by Rachel Bilson) who winds up in Bluebell, Ala. at a small medical practice rather than following her father into a career as a cardiothoracic surgeon. The show plays up the big city girl in a tightknit small town theme, with Hart messing up the social norms and the way things are (i.e. who's engaged to whom).

In this clip, we see Hart breaking the news to her mother that she moved to Alabama -- and her own mother hangs up on her. Then, she's in the heart of Alabama dealing with all the changes from her big city life. She can't get Greek olives and feta cheese on her omelette, people can't believe she's a female doctor, debutante-looking southern belles tell her to her face that she's not welcome and two fine looking young gentlemen fight for her affection, often with their shirts off.

Still, when Swift's song comes on behind the clip, the video seems to pick up and feel more alive -- and even believable.

In addition to having her song featured in this promo, Swift just released a new song called 'Safe and Sound' featuring the Civil Wars for 'The Hunger Games' soundtrack.

Watch Taylor Swift's 'Sparks Fly' in the 'Hart of Dixie' Promo