As one of the biggest artists in country music, Taylor Swift's live show has to live up to the hype of her radio success. The 21-year-old singer set out on her Speak Now Tour this past weekend, and not only did fans get a two-hour set, they got a Broadway-inspired stage show.

"The first time that I fell in love with performing is when I went to go see theatre in my hometown in Pennsylvania," Swift said during her recent Des Moines show. "I would see it done incredibly well -- going to see Broadway plays of 'Wicked'  -- things like that just really inspired me from an early age to love putting on a theatrical performance where there are storylines and characters, and you're always seeing a scene change into another scene. I love telling a story in any way possible."

While it's not news that Swift loves a real-life fairytale, those of us who have yet to see the stage with our own eyes will just have to read about it and live vicariously until she rolls through our towns. The 'Love Story' superstar's stage show reportedly offers aerial acrobats, almost a dozen costume changes, Swift floating high above the crowd, fire, lit trees, and dancers coming from everywhere, among other things.

All of the themes in play, of course, are a result of Swift's ever-dreaming mind. "We spent months going over the set list and just thinking of where things would go, which ones would segue well into other songs and how we could tell individual stories," she revealed. "I didn't want to tell one big story. I wanted each song to have its own story."

You can catch the final chapter as it unfolds before your eyes live on Swift's Speak Now Tour, which runs now through November.

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