Can't wait until Tuesday to see inside Taylor Swift's 'The Story of Us' video? Us either. Thankfully, you can wet your lips a little early with a 45-second preview of the music video for the pop-country hitmaker's latest single.

In this clip, which we presume is the opening scene of the video, Swift's love life is laid out like a chapter book that she picked off the shelf -- literally. At the beginning, 'The Story of Us' is shown as a hardback book from an old library, and as the band starts to play around her, Swift sighs and starts to tell the story from Chapter 1.

Swift sings the catchy single from the library aisles, sporting toned down make-up and a button-up shirt. In between words, the scenes flash to our favorite 'Love Story' singer and her man, flirting it up amongst the books and nuzzling noses as they lean in for a lusty kiss.

Unfortunately, as the song progresses their love fades, and Swift feels lost in a sea of studious college kids who are not her main squeeze. We see our male star flipping frantically through the pages as our heroine sings "Lately, I don't even know what page you're on," and as quickly as it came, the preview ends.

The full version of Swift's 'The Story of Us' video will premiere Tuesday, May 24 at 7:53PM ET on MTV and at 8PM ET on

Watch the Taylor Swift 'The Story of Us' Video Preview