Taylor Swift is dropping yet another single from her '1989' album, and she's got the music video ready to roll out with it. The songstress took to Instagram to share a very mysterious, intriguing teaser with her fans.

On Friday (Feb. 13), Swift will be releasing an artsy visual that has the singer going up in smoke -- literally.

"STYLE music video. Friday. #Feb13STYLE," she teases alongside the teaser.

The clip shows Swift's beautiful profile, with her blonde hair in a bun. Next to her face, white smoke begins to rise until it turns a shade of purple ... and the clip stops. Clearly, Swift is leaving a lot to the imagination leading up to the release of the full 'Style' video, but that doesn't seem to bother her loyal Swifties. The teaser had more than 400K likes almost instantly, with thousands of people commenting things like "OMG OMG" and "yes yes yes."

Clearly, they're excited, and so are we, even if the song won't hit country radio.

This is Swift's third single from '1989.' The album became an instant worldwide success. Her first single, 'Shake It Off,' was well-received by music critics and fans alike, and 'Blank Space' was no different. However, the music videos for both have been extremely different. The first is silly and showcases Swift's amazing dance moves, while 'Blank Space' offers up her crazy side.

What will 'Style' entail? Find out Friday, Feb. 13.

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