Taylor Swift's Speak Now Tour is nothing short of a production, but despite the carefully designed sets and pre-planned outfits, the 21-year-old superstar surprisingly never puts on the same show. When Swift rocked the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego on Thursday night, she threw the crowd an extra curve ball and performed Switchfoot's big hit 'Dare You to Move' while the fans sang along.

The 'Love Story' songstress has been known to pull a few tricks from her sleeve on tour, often pulling out covers from local famous bands when she's not inviting the physical members onstage to sing with her. On October 20, the chosen San Diego band was Switchfoot, and Swift seemed elated to lay down a track from what she called "one of my favorite bands."

"I was hoping that I could do a cover song from somebody who's from San Diego ... Is that all right with you?" she asked the crowd, which resulted in a loud scream that she took to mean yes. Swift invited the audience to please  sing along with her as her platform circled high above their seats. As the song built up to the chorus, the country-pop icon grew more and more excited, smiling through the lyrics.

Because Swift tries to keep things mixed up at her live shows, she often pulls from different genres when searching for tunes to cover. While her choice at this show was a rock hit, in Atlanta it was a Sugarland song, and in Little Rock, it was another country tune -- the Brooks and Dunn classic 'Ain't Nothing 'Bout You.'

The Speak Now Tour continues with back-to-back shows in Phoenix, Ariz. on October 21 and 22.

Watch Taylor Swift Sing Switchfoot's 'Dare You to Move'