Ellen DeGeneres is always looking for ways to make people laugh, and one of her best numbers is when she sends members of her staff to public places to strike up conversations with random people only using song lyrics. For this particular sojourn into the real world, she tasks show writer Amy with talking to strangers using only lines from Taylor Swift's 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.' Needless to say, customers at Lowe's were caught off guard.

While perusing paint samples, she stalks a dude who simply says "Okay" after every single one of her lyrical declarations, clearly not informed on what she's quoting. One woman feels sorry for her, and asks if she needs help. But not help with picking out paint swatches -- she means mental help!

An older gentleman tries to be nice to her, as well. But they all clearly think she is crazy as she converses using only kiss off lyrics. That's how Swift communicates, but clearly, it works better in a song than in a casual conversation.

Since the song is so mega popular, it seems unlikely that these Lowe's shoppers don't know the lyrics. Do they live under rocks at the bottom of the ocean? Don't they listen to music when they engage in home improvements? Perhaps the glitter that is Taylor Swift is lost on DIYers.

This funny skit comes just after DeGeneres used country's own Tim McGraw as her puppet, making him say -- and do -- everything at her command in a hidden camera prank. Watch that here.