For her performance of 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' at the 2012 MTV EMAs -- which is the European version of the VMAs, held last night (Nov. 11) in Frankfurt, Germany -- Taylor Swift put on a magic show of sorts. Actually, it was more like a hybrid of a magic show, a carnival and a circus. It was certainly an arresting performance of her catchy hit. It was also more "pop" in its styling and imaging.

Swift emerged from one of those magician's disappearing boxes with a wink while wearing a fitted, sparkly red jacket, top hat and majorette boots. It was like a circus unfolded on stage, as the singer was surrounded by wild and crazy dancers and an array of colorful characters. Swift was the ringleader and her production and stage set up were louder and crazier than we are used to from the singer. It was a surprising and welcome change of pace.

Swift created a faux Parisian cafe for her 2012 CMAs performance earlier this month, and the MTV EMAs show could not have been more different. Each performance showed the different sides of Swift as a performer, and we look forward to seeing what she pulls out of her hat when she takes the stage on 'X Factor' elimination episode this Thursday (Nov. 15.) Hopefully, it won't be a rabbit. That would have been more appropriate for this particular performance.

Swift also took home the award for Best Female Artist at the 2012 MTV EMAs.

Watch Taylor Swift Perform at the 2012 MTV EMAs