Taylor Swift gives fans a 40-second look into her fantasy world with a new teaser for the Wonderstruck commercial advertising her brand-new fragrance. In the clip, the 'Love Story' starlet makes an entrance in an intricate ball gown, and though she doesn't show her face until a quarter of the way in, the scenery is so perfectly Swift that it's impossible to not know it's her.

"It's a spark. A connection. A rush of something new," Swift says, acting as narrator for her own scene. "And once you've been struck, you'll never be the same again."

From the beginning of the ad, we watch from behind, following the train of Swift's dress through a gloomy courtyard and into a castle-like house, complete with a marble staircase and crystal chandeliers. When the camera hits her face, she's illuminated by surprise -- wonderstruck, if you will -- and we're promised that her fragrance will bring with it a magical journey.

In a recent interview, Swift couldn't help but relate designing her debut perfume to writing a song. "You can tell a story through songs, through movies and through writing," she declared. "You can kinda tell a story that connects memories together when you are creating a perfume people are going to wear in their day to day lives."

Wonderstruck is in stores now.

Watch the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Commercial