The groom-to-be skips out on a fancy engagement dinner in the video for the Band Perry's new song 'You Lie,' leading to a torrent of nasty accusations from his soon-to-be former fiancee, Kimberly Perry.

To the guy's defense, the dimly-lit, rather gothic-looking 'party' doesn't look like a lot of fun, especially with Kimberly and her two brothers sitting around looking all glum.  But he still could have called, and his failure to do so sets the band off on a dramatic, starkly red and black-lit musical performance.

Then again, as the song rolls on and we see visual depictions of this guy's lying, cheating, manipulating ways, it becomes pretty clear why nobody was so amped up about this wedding in the first place. By the end, as she's taking off her engagement ring and burning the place settings, the only question left is: Why did she accept the rock in the first place?

You can get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of 'You Lie' right here. The Band Perry were recently chosen by Academy of Country Music Awards fans as the Top New Vocal Duo or Group, and you're free to vote for them as Top New Artist now as well.

Watch the Band Perry 'You Lie' Video