To call this a reincarnation of Stokes Nielson's band the Lost Trailers is like giving into CW TV's claim that their show about rich kids in California is the 'Beverly Hills 90210.' Neither is quite the same without their respective Brandon, Brenda, Kelly and Dylan. That said, the CW show has had a nice run, and Nielson has proven to be an accomplished songwriter before and after the original Trailers split up in 2010.

His new song with deputized Lost Trailer Jason Wyatt wants to be an inspirational anthem, but can't get past the cliche fencing. Nielson's biggest miss is one of timing, however. A story about love conquering all is somewhat hollow as millions of American country fans are learning that a good marriage isn't enough to stop foreclosure. In the song's first two verses, the singer is the underdog.

"They said you ain't got a prayer / A chance in you know where / But I just didn't care / When I looked in your eyes," Nielson sings before an effective, albeit slightly cheesy, chorus. "I believe in the underdog / Who chases dreams and breaks down walls / The shy kid who gets the prom queen / Who's never been the star of anything / And those two lovers hitched at city hall / They've got each other so they've got it all / Call me a dreamer / Say I'm a little naive / But I believe in the underdog."

The couple goes on to marry and buy a "fixer-up" on the rough side of town. "Then you gave me our little man / So small he fit inside my hands / Two months early at two pounds / The tallest kid in third grade now," he sings. The late addition of gospel singers pushes it a little over the top while pointing out how limited the vocals are on this song. A sensitive song like 'Underdog' requires a more sensitive approach in the recording room. It's no surprise that the man behind 'Holler Back' and 'Country Folks (Livin' Loud)' was not able to apply that tender touch.

Listen to the Lost Trailers, 'Underdog'