Blake Shelton added two new contestants to his team on tonight's (Sept. 11) blind audition episode of Season 3 of 'The Voice.' It was only the second night of the nascent third season, but he grabbed country vocalist (and amateur wrestler) Casey Muessigmann and mariachi singer Julio Cesar Castillo. Clearly, Shelton, the reigning champion of Season 2, is going for diversity when assembling his team on this go round.

He threw his hat in the ring for sultry singer Adriana Louise, but she chose Christina Aguilera. He nixed country wannabe (and LeAnn Rimes' roadie) Ryan Fogarty, since he was good, not great.

Shelton battled Cee Lo Green for Muessigmann, whose name is pronounced "music man." Touche! Muessigmann turned in a soulful, country-fried rendition of 'Sweet Home Alabama.' He infused it with swagger and soul. That, combined with his 10-gallon hat and his cowboy boots, made him the perfect addition to Team Blake. Muessigmann also did this thing where he was slapping his own ass and the back of his thigh while performing, which his wisecracking coach noted on national TV. Did anyone really think that Blake would let that one go? Of course he had to make a joke.

While Muessigmann was an obvious choice for Shelton, Julio Cesar Castillo was anything but.

The mariachi singer was the first 'The Voice' contestant to sing entirely in Spanish and he belted out 'La Bamba' with intense energy and flawless execution. One usually gives way to the other, but Castillo managed to do both. Shelton was the first coach to turn his chair around for the singer and he once again had to sell himself over Cee Lo. That's no easy task, mind you.

But Shelton's elevator pitch – predicting that Castillo would be the Season 2 winner, when he meant to say Season 3- sealed the deal and Castillo chose him. Shelton said his heart started pounding when Castillo sang.

The 'Honey Bee' singer also made some strange pitch about how Castillo, who was wearing a varsity jacket, would be cheered for in a gymnasium if he chose Shelton. It was so weird we can't even properly explain it. Even Adam Levine bust out laughing over the explanation, questioning what the heck ol' Blake meant.

Shelton's team is now four strong, with 12 more spots to fill as the blind auditions rage on. The next round of blind auditions airs tomorrow (Sept. 12) so Shelton will have another chance to add to his already rock solid collection of contestants.