It seemed like Carrie Underwood answered each of the several hundred questions lobbed her way during Thursday afternoon's (Aug. 20) Facebook chat to reveal new music. She got to several dozen, and shared more details about "Smoke Break" and a few other songs from Storyteller. She also opened up about her personal life, and some of her favorite ways to relax.

Here are six things you may have missed from the singer's conversation with her fans. Underwood didn't hold back, opening up about everything from the songs she sings to baby Isaiah to her and hubby Mike Fisher's future plans for kids. Storyteller will be in stores Oct. 23. "Smoke Break" can be heard on the radio now.

Carrie Makes Her Own Lullabies — Of course Underwood sings to baby Isaiah, but she gets creative. She says she changes the words of songs she knows to fit whatever she’s doing at that moment. “There are lots of songs about diaper changing and getting him dressed!”

Her Favorite Emoji? — The smiley poo. And that’s all she said about that.

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The Fishers Want At Least One More — When asked what girl names she had if Isaiah was a girl, Underwood remained tight-lipped. “I’m hoping I get to use one or more of them someday in the future,” she teases.

She’s Her Own Hair and Makeup Team — Underwood says she does it herself because it helps her relax before a show. And she likes playing with her Almay collection.

“Smoke Break” Is Mike-Approved — The singer’s husband of five years likes her new single from Storyteller. In the past she’s admitted that he’s a little more conservative than she is, but he had no problem with the title. In all honesty, Isaiah’s father probably understands her message as well as anyone.

The Record Will Be “Twangy” — Underwood co-wrote “Smoke Break” and five other songs on Storyteller, and says her co-writes ended up being more traditional and “twangy” than anything she’s done before. “I just went with it,” she says. “I love the story telling aspect of country music ... it's one of the reasons I always wanted to be a part of it.

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