Thomas Rhett is prepping for the release of his sophomore album, Tangled Up, but way back when he started thinking about what to record for the project, his wife Lauren put her two-cents in: she wanted the world to see his sweet side.

"I think I’m definitely taking her advice on the sweeter side of this album," Rhett shares via his record label group, Big Machine. "There’s a couple songs on the record that I wrote specifically about her. I’ve done that before, but not to the emotional level that these couple songs are."

Tangled Up isn't due out for a few weeks, but the singer has given more than a few hints at what to expect. Rhett tells Taste of Country that the project will be filled with different "colors" and be scattered all across the board, which represents his appreciation for all different types of music.

“It’s a little bit like the last record, we just definitely pushed a little farther on the second one,” Rhett says.

While fans are eager for more songs to dance to like the debut single from the record, "Crash and Burn," the sweet songs may be what put this one over the top.

"I'm definitely delvin’ into a sweeter side on some of the songs, and definitely kind a pushin’ the limitations on other songs as well," Rhett further explains. "So, it’s gonna be a fun little project.”

Tangled Up will be available in stores and digital retailers on Sept. 25.

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