Thomas Rhett is giving us another reason for Friday to be our favorite day of the week by releasing a new video for a song off his upcoming album, Tangled Up, every Friday until the full album release. This week we are graced with the ultimate summer song, "Vacation."

“With a little under a month until Tangled Up comes out, I am pumped to start sharing some more music off this record,” Rhett says in a press release. “I wanted to start with a track that just feels good and is fun, so here we go with 'Vacation.'"

This is no doubt a feel-good party anthem that will keep the best of us dancing around all through the summer heat. With plenty of references to coconuts and booze, this song has the perfect tropical summer mindset.

"Put a little liquor in my coconut water / Party all day like you’re at your alma mater," Rhett sings in the chorus.

It makes us envious of the video of his beautiful getaway, but as he reminds us in the song, you don't have to go very far to get the same sunshine-filled vacation: "Got a couple bucks, but I’m spending them like they pesos / Might be Motel 6, but it feels like Turks and Caicos," Rhett sings in the opening lines.

The video for "Vacation" was filmed over the summer with Rhett and his wife, Lauren, during their trip to Hawaii. We can see the couple surfing, cliff jumping and sky diving, re-enforcing the song's theme to live it up while you can.

Tangled Up is slated to be released on Sept. 25. This fall Rhett will head out on the road with Brett Eldredge on the 14th Annual CMT on Tour trek.

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