Former teen icon Tiffany is back to belting out songs that are making a huge impact on radio, only this time, it's country radio. 'Feel the Music,' her debut single from her 'Rose Tattoo' album, is a soulful and groovy tune which she co-wrote along with Julie Forester and Dee Briggs.

"We wanted to write a song about this girl who isn't a married girl, who feels the music, but obviously she's like, 'You know what ... I want to go out and go out on the town. I want to be something special tonight. I want to flirt a little bit. No commitments. I just want to own it!'" Tiffany tells Taste of Country. "I think as women, especially, we have those seasons in our lives -- all throughout our lives."

"I’ve been driving all night / I’ve got that look in my eyes / Sign says right here party like there’s no fear / I’m getting off here / Tasting a hell of time / Neon flashing lights / I feel the pump bump thump from the outside / Getting dirty tonight," Tiffany sings in the lyrics of the song's opening verses.

"I'm very much that person," says the 'I Think We're Alone Now' singer. "If I'm going to go out or something, I put on select things to get me in the mood. If I'm really sad and I just can't conjure up those tears for whatever reason, I just go to certain songs that are going to bring it out of me. I think we do that for songs and movies, or we call certain people up who are going to cheer us up or understand us. It's OK to have those 'go to' things."

"I wanna feel the music / Get wild in this town / Shake it up and loose it / 'Til the walls fall down / I wanna groove up on a melody / And feel the beat inside of me / Be only star in the crowd / I wanna feel the music all around," she sings in the song's chorus.

"I want to have this song be something people would pump maybe on the treadmill a little bit!" laughs Tiffany. "To keep them in that workout, but also definitely as a song you want to hear when you are getting ready to go out -- blasting it in your car or hearing it at a club -- a fun dance song!"

Watch Tiffany Perform 'Feel the Music' Live