The idea of "beer time" -- or "beer o'clock" or "beer thirty" -- has been around as long as Budweiser. It's a joke that elicits a chuckle the first time one hears it, but much like the pull-my-finger prank, it loses appeal with each repetition.

For this reason, new artist Tim Dugger releases the single 'Way Past My Beer Time' with an arm tied behind his back. His isn't even the first song about this noble moment in the day this year -- Justin Moore included a similar but more endearing song called 'Beer Time' on 'Outlaws Like Me.'

"Rubber-neckers and a broke down van / Is what's causing this traffic jam / I got a middle finger in my hand for someone / Jimmy called from Captain Jack's / He's already got the pool balls racked / Times a-wasting and I wanna throw back some cold ones," Dugger sings. The Alabama native has a voice that commands a room, and the song's production is first class, but not even being the only "Tim" remaining on Curb Records will be enough to garner him the attention needed to make this song a hit.

"It's way past my beer time / Two for one is only five to nine / I'm already three behind / It's way past my beer time," he adds in the chorus.

There's little doubt that 'Way Past My Beer Time' will be a hit during Dugger's live shows as it's fun, easy to sing along to and, well ... about beer. A less inebriated audience requires more substance.

Listen to Tim Dugger, 'Way Past My Beer Time'