Four men in Massachusetts have been arrested in connection with the recent beating of a 19-year-old man at a Tim McGraw show. The brutal beating took place in Mansfield, Mass., where McGraw performed at the Comcast Center on Sunday night (July 24).

The victim, Michael Skehill, was jumped and nearly beaten to death during the show. He was then airlifted to the Boston Medical Center where he immediately underwent surgery, which included the removal of his spleen.

"He would have died," Skehill's mother tells a Boston news station. "He had lost two liters of blood and, basically, he would have died." She says that a security guard and an EMT saved her son from the attack.

The four men arrested for the beating -- identified by witnesses who were in the lawn section of the venue, where the attack took place -- were 20-year-old Perry DiMascio; 22-year-old Brenden McCulloch; 21-year-old Michael Adams and 21-year-old Kevin Anderson. DiMascio is being held without bail due to other cases. The other suspects were being held on $5,000 bail. The men are scheduled to be arraigned at Attleboro District Court this afternoon, Friday, July 29.

Following his complex surgery on Monday, Skehill currently still remains in serious condition, but doctors predict the young man to make a full recovery. The beating is said to have started over a girl and made worse by alcohol consumption.