Tim McGraw says it's possible that he could step outside his comfort zone for some special projects in the future.

The country superstar spoke to the Chicago Tribune recently while he was in the Windy City to promote America's Diabetes Challenge, which he became involved with because two of his aunts have dealt with the disease. Asked if he would ever follow Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift in stepping outside of country music for a project, McGraw said he's interested in exploring different things.

"I just want to do good songs," he states. "It’s fun to try things. I think I always experiment with different things musically. Every one of my albums has a broad range of music on them. But I don’t want to get outside and do something that’s not real. The older I get, there probably will be a time where I’ll do some specialty stuff. Maybe an acoustic album — something like that. But I don’t think I’ll do something if the base part of it isn’t me."

McGraw has built one of the biggest and most diverse careers in contemporary country music, which he says can sometimes pose a challenge in remembering lyrics when he's performing live.

"I forget something just about every night," he admits. "That’s the fun thing about having hits. I just hold the microphone out and everybody else can sing along with you. It gets tougher the older I get, with as many records as I have. If I think about the song and start thinking about what the next verse is, that’s when I forget it. If I’m on stage performing and I’m thinking 'Okay, Maggie’s got to cheer at a football game tomorrow, Audrey’s got a volleyball game, we’re going on vacation …' or thinking about how that person in the crowd is having a good time, I don’t forget the lyrics."

McGraw is set to release his next album, Damn Country Music, on Nov. 6.

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