A fifth song from Tim McGraw's 'Emotional Traffic' album is now available on iTunes. Curb Nashville -- McGraw's former label -- has released 'Halo,' a song written by Jedd Hughes and Luke Laird.

Like many of the previous songs made available in the preview of the Jan. 24 release, 'Halo' is a modern country song with a touch of soul. The heavy ballad is about a man who's fed up with arguing with his lover.

"Let's just cut it down the middle / Let it bleed and bleed out / I'll clean up the mess / Baby you stand there and shout / Cry, cry, baby I can't hold us together," McGraw sings during the first verse. Subsequent verses and the chorus indicate the singer is harboring resentment about roaming this familiar path.

"Baby I'll let you go when you say so / Try to let your heart fly free / I'll crawl outta my cradle, down into my black hole / You just lay low / Under your halo," he sings during the chorus.

Fans now have an idea of what the overall mood of 'Emotional Traffic' is, but there is still a chance to preview the entire thing before it's released next week. Curb has teamed up with NPR to stream the album in its entirety.

Listen to Tim McGraw's 'Halo'