Jason Clucas has his brother to thank for winning the Toby Keith flyaway to Las Vegas. The Peabody, Mass. native says he wouldn't have gotten into country music without his bro's influence. That led him to Toby Keith, who he is a huge fan of, then to Taste of Country -- and now, to Sin City to watch the singer play at the Red Rock Casino on August 11.

"Toby Keith was one of the first singers I listened to when I first converted into a country music fan," Clucas tells Taste of Country. Speaking of his brother, he adds, "We used to listen to 'Beer For My Horses' every morning on the way to school when he drove us." The siblings grew up in the northeast, where country music wasn't as popular in the late '90s and early 2000s as it was in other parts of the country.

In addition to airfare for two, two tickets for the show and hotel accommodations, Clucas will receive $500 spending cash and get to meet the 'Beers Ago' singer in the flesh. This will be his first Toby Keith show, as bad luck canceled his plans to see Keith play in 2011.

"We caught most of (opener) Eric Church, but then in an absolute downpour we missed the majority of Toby's set -- I think we only caught the first song," Clucas explains. "We only had lawn seats and with a party of 12 for my brothers 1st anniversary it certainly was not the best circumstances. We still had a blast though. But I cannot wait to get to Vegas to meet him and see a full show!"

Clucas says he didn't believe what he was reading when he was notified of his big prize via email. He made his boss take a look at it to be sure it was legit. Trust us, Jason -- it's definitely real! Make sure you take an extra day off… it is Vegas after all.

"I still cannot believe this is true, but if it really is I cannot thank you enough," Clucas adds. "I go on Taste of Country all the time for new country music and for country music news you have a great website and I am a loyal follower."