If you haven't signed up for the Taste of Country Country Club yet, get over there right now to register and enter to win a Kona guitar autographed by Toby Keith. It's free to sign up for all of the VIP perks and free to enter all the contests. In fact, the bigger fan of country music you are, the better your chances of winning!

While most Country Club contests "cost" points to enter, this one for a guitar signed by the beer-loving hitmaker is totally free and easy. Although you may want to store up some points anyway, because it's fun and you can win other great prizes.

Play games like blackjack or take country music trivia quizzes to collect 500 or 1000 points at a time. The recent Match These Country Kids With Their Parents quiz has many Taste of Country readers distracted from what they should be doing during the workday. But don't worry, we're not going to tattle.

Keith's new song 'Beers Ago' is already a Top 20 hit. The song -- from his most recent 'Clancy's Tavern' album -- is a fun, uptempo summer jam that fans of 'Red Solo Cup' will surely love. His summer tour begins on June 18 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Check out Keith's official website for a list of tour dates and more information.