You may not expect Toby Keith to be a big fan of Halloween, but the singer admits he's "always ready" for the holiday. The 'Drunk Americans' hitmaker called in to Taste of Country Nights to chat with host Sam Alex about trick-or-treating, costumes and, most importantly, candy!

Keith loves most things to do with Halloween -- he even prides himself on being "the guy" that passes out candy. It's not just the kids who get treats, however. The country star also hands out a few goodies for the adults.

“I give the dads that I know a glass of wine, beer, cigarette, cigar or something if they wanna come over and just hang out," Keith reveals. "Usually, out at my ranch, people can’t go door-to-door, so the kids just come and I give ‘em a sack of Snickers, and then give the kids some candy cigarettes and then give the dads a 'gar."

Yes, the singer's favorite goodies to pass out are chocolate and candy sticks you can puff on. But even though he gets into the spirit of the late October holiday, Keith isn't huge on dressing up. But he does have fond memories of one Halloween costume in particular.

When asked about dressing up, Keith admits he hasn't "in a long time," but has paid a pretty penny for worthwhile threads in years past. "I was telling somebody earlier this morning that I think the biggest costume splurge I ever did was I was full-blown Gene Simmons in KISS one time," he says.

Unfortunately, there's no photographic evidence of Keith's presumably awesome attire. "I don't think Facebook was around then," he clarifies. Bummer.

Sam Alex is the host of Taste of Country Nights radio, a syndicated night show which airs on more than 60 Townsquare Media Group stations nationwide.