Stephen Colbert was on hand to induct his friend Toby Keith into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in New York City recently, and the country superstar is set to return the favor.

Keith is set to appear on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Thursday (Sept. 10), just days after Colbert makes his debut in the chair recently vacated by David Letterman.

Keith and Colbert have a long history that goes back to Keith's four appearances on The Colbert Report, and he also appeared on Colbert's Christmas special and the finale of his long-running social satire show. Colbert told the Hall of Fame audience that he showed up for Keith "because Toby has always showed up for me" when he inducted him into the Hall in June, and even sang a snippet of "As Good As I Once Was."

“One thing we can agree about Toby is his songwriting talent…Toby Keith is an American classic whose songs resonate with family values. For instance, the song I just sang is the heartwarming tale of a man in a bar who has sex with two women — who happen to be sisters,” Colbert joked as he welcomed Keith to the stage.

It was a very emotional night for the superstar, who had one person foremost in his mind.

“I dedicated the whole thing to my grandmother, who got me my first guitar,” Keith tells Taste of Country. “She always inspired me and was probably my biggest hero and a real independent woman. I dedicated the whole show to her.”

Keith drops his new album, 35 MPH Town, on Oct. 9.

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