Toby Keith's appearance on 'The Colbert Report' was nothing short of brilliant. Keith is a proud American -- as Colbert pointed out from his many song titles which include the word 'America' -- so anytime the singer appears on a politically-leaning show, it's always entertaining since he is so informed.

Colbert called the 'Made in America' singer a friend of America and noted that since both are born in America, they are blood brothers.

The host attempted to sing the word 'America' like Keith a few times, but ended up sounding like he was singing 'Ho,' so the duo shared a laugh about wanting to get the 'hos' out of America. They were speaking figuratively, of course.

Keith revealed that the 'Clancy' in the title of his new album 'Clancy's Tavern' refers to his grandmother and her nickname. Colbert asked what his grandfather's nickname was, to which Keith replied, "Pepper." Colbert said 'Clancy and Pepper' sounds like a '70s cop show and he could not have been more right on!

Keith got serious for a second, speaking about how handshake agreements don't exist anymore and how foreclosures and bankruptcies are out of control and therein lies much of our economic problems. To lighten things up again, he also performed 'Made in America' from 'Clancy's Tavern.'

But the show-stopping moment came at the end, when he and Colbert signed off with a rousing rendition of 'The Star-Spangled Banner.' They started off with their hands in their pockets and evolved into quite a pair of harmonizers. The suit and the cowboy done our country proud with their version of the National Anthem.

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