After their high-on-life version of Sugarland's hit 'Stuck Like Glue' on 'The Voice,' bouncy duo Tori and Taylor Thompson admitted that they are sometimes referred to as "The Spearmint Twins" when coach Christina Aguilera told them that their chipper dueting reminded her of a bubblegum commercial.

The Thompsons were sweet as sugar, and that is why coach Cee Lo Green opted to get two for the price of one and add these talented, dark-haired cuties to his arsenal. They clearly function as a well-matched pair, and they wisely selected a song that is meant to be sung by two people with sunny vocal styles. They were about as spot on as you could get.

These two performed with so much cheery energy that we wouldn't be surprised if they got a call from Red Bull to be a part of an advertising campaign. We want whatever it is that they're having, and we are looking forward to seeing how they blossom under Cee Lo's tutelage this season on 'The Voice.'

Watch Tori and Taylor Thompson Sing Sugarland's 'Stuck Like Glue' on 'The Voice'