Troy Olsen's video for his second single 'Good Hands' gives us a pretty good idea of what it would be like to see him and his band live.

Sporting a patriotic, patched jean jacket and his signature black cowboy hat, Olsen rocks out in this upbeat number alongside his crew in a deserted house, with his "T-Bird" emblem -- a fusion of Waylon Jennings and the 'Grease' T-Bird crew's signs -- hung in plain view. Oslen hopes his words ("I can promise you now / Our love will last / Baby your heart is in good hands") are enough to convince his girl that their love and life is already written out for them.

The EMI Nashville newcomer has written hits for Tim McGraw ('Ghost Town Train'), Blake Shelton ('I’ll Just Hold On') and the 'Country Strong' soundtrack ('Love Don't Let Me Down' with Marv Green). The song is performed by Chris Young and Patty Loveless. His first single, released last year, is the '80s country-sounding 'Summer Thing.'

“Dwight Yoakam and Pete Anderson are, without a doubt, the reason I was begging for my first guitar,” Olsen says. “Same with Steve Earle and Lyle Lovett – I loved all that stuff. When I got my first guitar, I’d buy their songbooks and start learning how to play all those tunes. As I got older, I eventually started playing in bands and now here I am.”

'Good Hands,'  released last fall, is included on his self-titled EP.

Watch the Troy Olsen 'Good Hands' Video