Tyler Farr and Blake Shelton have really hit it off as friends. But Farr says he and Shelton have a bit of a rivalry going, and he was even invited out to Shelton's massive hunting camp.

The country newcomer was on Country Countdown USA to talk about "A Guy Walks Into a Bar" — his first-ever No. 1 on Billboard's country airplay chart — and it seems Shelton had planned on recording the song himself, but Farr got to it first.

"Turns out he also had the song on hold," Farr shares. "He comes over to me and says, ‘Let’s hear it, song stealer.’ So I played him my recording of the song, and he says, ‘Well done brother, it got to the right person.’ So it was cool to get his approval. Then last fall he invited me to his hunting camp in Oklahoma."

Apparently "camp" and "farm" are relative terms to a goof like Shelton.

“He calls it a farm, but I call it Jurassic Park," Farr jokes. "To me, a farm is 150 acres. But this is over 2000. I have a pond, he has a lake. Blake’s friend Tom McMillan was also there shooting a TV show. We just literally cut up the whole time. I think it was ‘pick-on-Tyler week.’ When he’s not singing, he does the same as me, he’s either hunting or fishing."

And like any sportsman worth his salt, Farr believes he can out-hunt and out-fish Shelton any day of the week.

“Ten, being the best … I’m over here,” he told Taste of Country back in February. “One being the worst … Blake Shelton. He just sucks.”

All joking aside, Farr seems genuinely happy call Shelton his buddy: "He’s one of my good friends, so hopefully I’ll get to do a tour with him one of these days.”

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