Tyler Farr’s new video for his rock-infused tune ‘Withdrawals’ is a picture of the desperation that comes from a deep heartbreak. Released June 15, the video features Farr, alone, reflecting on a lost relationship and dealing with the emotional aftermath.

The song is the second single from Farr's highly-anticipated sophomore album, Suffer in Peace, which debuted in the Top 5 recently. The album's first single, "A Guy Walks Into a Bar," reached No. 1, but "Withdrawals" is a big musical departure for the singer.

So is the video. Literally trapped in a glass box of emotion, Farr rages against the walls and lets out his frustration as rain pours down and begins filling the compartment. The video is blanketed with dark tones and a melancholy backdrop, creating a scene fit for such emotional turmoil. In another scene, Farr tosses and turns in bed, trying to shake the pain from the breakup away.

During the appropriate wailing guitar solo, Farr begins smashing his acoustic guitar against the walls, finally shattering the glass toward the end of the track.

While there is definitely no happy ending to this video, it does have a certain sort of catharsis viewers can vicariously experience through Farr, and it is an apropos visual for the loneliness and anguish expressed in the song.

Check out Farr’s video above and let us know what you think in the comments.

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