Not familiar with Will Hoge yet? Now's a good time to get to know him. His new single, 'Middle of America,' is a rock-country anthem that will have fans reminiscing about their own experiences in the heartland while jamming out to a song that gets back to the heart of country music.

With 'Middle of America' Hoge has crafted a song that gets back to the basics of the genre, while still managing to create something unlike what you've heard before. With one-line snapshots of American lives sprinkled throughout the entirety the catchy single, listeners can't help but relate to the characters Hoge introduces.

"Jessie told her mama, she's gonna be out late / But she ain't comin' home at all / Tyler's gettin' new ink out at that little place / Down by the old strip mall / Somebody's gonna get drunk, somebody's gonna get lucky / Tomorrow there's gonna be talk / But it'll be alright, it's just another night / In the middle of America."

And if the lyrics show off small-town pride all across this great nation, 'Middle of America' shows off all the best parts of country music. From the edgy guitars to the strong drum foundation to the catchy hand claps, Hoge's song has something for everyone. And even better: it's everything we love about a genre built on strutting guitars and rich storytelling.

In an industry currently dominated by "bro-country" hits, 'Middle of America' reminds us that country music, at its core, is about great songs about real people's lives. What's not to love about this song?

Why Fans Will Love It: 'Middle of America' is full of swagger and tons of fun to listen to ... over and over.

Key Lyrics: "We're lettin' our freedom ring / Chasin' these small town dreams / Doin' what our parents did / Watchin' them shake their heads / Thinkin' we've all gone crazy lately / But we know it'll be alright, it's just another night / In the middle of America."

Did You Know? Will Hoge may be a new name to some country fans, but he's actually been making great music for years. In fact, 'Even If It Breaks Your Heart,' a song made famous by the Eli Young Band in 2012, was originally written and recorded by Hoge on a 2009 album.

Listen to Will Hoge, 'Middle of America'