In an inexplicable error, Yahoo! has printed that Hunter Hayes died at the age of 23.

A search for Hayes' birthday on the search engine brings up a bio that says he died on Jan. 31, 2015. Obviously, that did not happen, as Hayes has been performing shows all across the country since then — in fact, Taste of Country was in attendance at his show in Austin Thursday night (July 16), where he very clearly was not dead. We even posted the following shot to Instagram. Who knew we'd need proof of life the following day?

It's unclear how such an error could appear on one of the world's best-known search engines, but as of Friday afternoon (July 17) the mistake was still there.

Hayes also seemed very much alive at a restaurant in Maryland recently, where he dropped in on a set from a musician performing there. When the musician started playing Hayes' own hit, "Wanted," Hayes delighted patrons by jumping in for a verse.

Hayes' career is not only alive, it's going better than ever with the release of his current single, "21," which was the most-added song at country radio the week it dropped. The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is diving head-first into the digital age with the single, which he released in late May via streaming and country radio only, rather than making it available to purchase right away. Hayes plans to release a collection of tracks in that manner way that will eventually appear on iTunes and other digital outlets. He has no immediate plans for a new album, or to release music through physical outlets.

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