It takes some artists many years to hone their talents and really find their voice, but Carrie Underwood has always been a star. She was born with a gift, and at the ripe young age of 14 she was showing it off to folks in her hometown of Checotah, Okla.

In this flashback video, Underwood is performing in the youth talent competition at a state fair. And even though she was already showing she had what it took to be country's next superstar, she waited several years (six to be exact) before auditioning for American Idol. These were her formative years, but her voice was just as strong then as it is today. The audience at that state fair would see what the judges on AI would see years later that would bring her the crown — and eventually country superstardom.

Watch the full video above of a 14-year-old Carrie Underwood singing "You Walk All Over Me" above.

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