Zac Brown Band's soulful single, "Loving You Easy," has a romantic feel that they portrayed in the video. The visual feels like an old home movie, completely shot in black and white.

"Loving You Easy" features a beautiful blonde named Halston Sage, who starred in both Crisis and Grown Ups 2. None of the members of the band are seen in the romantic video, just Sage in all of her glory. The video was shot by Danny Clinch, a talented photographer and film director. Clinch has an impressive resume that includes Johnny Cash.

The video begins with clips that include Sage standing on a beach and rolling around in bed. She eyes the camera before rising from the bed, letting her hair down (in an oh so sexy way) and getting dressed.

The actress decides it's time for music and decides to put on — what else — the Zac Brown Band. She removes their Jekyll + Hyde vinyl from its cover before spinning it on her record player. Sage clearly enjoys "Loving You Easy," and can't help but dance around to the tune. In the video she plays a piano, sips some tea, relaxes in a hammock and drives a convertible. It's a glorified home video featuring one stunning star.

The single is from the group's album Jekyll + Hydewhich also features their song "Homegrown," along with other key tracks including "Beautiful Drug," "Bittersweet" and "Dress Blues." Watch the full video above for the group's "Loving You Easy."

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