Zac Brown Band launched the Southern Ground Music & Food Festival in 2010 in Charleston, S.C., and since then, the festival has become an annual attraction for country music lovers and foodies alike.

Each festival features topnotch performances from popular country stars, as well as nightly sets by the Zac Brown Band. In addition, the festival highlights the best local chefs, food trucks and vendors, and while the frontman is pleased with the festival’s success, he doesn’t want to stop there. Brown's dream is to create several festivals each year at different locations throughout the U.S.

"The idea is to get to where we do ten music and food festivals at different spots around the nation," the singer shares. Although there is plenty of red tape involved, Brown isn’t deterred. "There’s a lotta politics to comin’ in and doin’ a big event like that, but everything’s been good so far. We’ve climbed over a lotta those hurdles and people realize the quality of what we’re tryin’ to do."

The 'Chicken Fried' superstar's goal is to begin by creating festivals in the cities where his band will already be on tour. “It’s about exceeding expectations for us, that’s what we wanna do," Brown notes.

To learn more about the band's event, visit the Southern Ground Music & Food Festival website.

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