The latest Zac Brown Band single is one you'd expect in the middle of their concert, some time after the overwhelming anticipation to be there has been satisfied, but before the explosive ending. 'No Hurry' is good, but amidst other songs from the country jam band, it's the best chance to sneak off to the bathroom or grab another beer.

The weighty instrumentation and pacing of the ballad doesn't quite jive with the carefree message. "There's nothing wrong with an old cane fishin' pole / And the smell of early spring / Sit down in a fold up easy chair / On a quiet, shady riverbank / Let the world go on without me / Wouldn't have it any other way / 'Cause I ain't in no hurry today," Brown sings in the second verse.

This fifth single from 'You Get What You Give' isn't as much fun as other ZBB grooves, nor is it as poignant as hits like 'As She's Walking Away.' One's left feeling ... nothing, really, despite sharp and colorful lyrics by Brown, James Otto and Wyatt Durrette.

"Ain't in no hurry / I'd be a fool now to worry / About all those things I can't change / And the time that I borrow / Can wait 'til tomorrow / 'Cause I ain't in no hurry today," the group sings later in the song, just before a tiresome fiddle solo.

It's rare that an album has five singles, because artists will often grab songs that sound great on CD but don't really stand out among the newest songs on country radio. 'No Hurry' is best left as a bridge from 'Knee Deep' to 'I Play the Road.'

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