Barrett Baber’s performance of Lee Brice’s “I Drive Your Truck” on The Voice Tuesday night (Nov. 10) left judges and audience members alike blown away by his raw emotion and pure talent. The Arkansas high school teacher chose a tune that played to his strengths, allowing him to belt big notes and infuse plenty of heart into.

“To be the kind of guy that you are, with your heart on your sleeve, this should have been your finale song,” coach Blake Shelton after hearing Baber perform during rehearsals.

Shelton understands what the song is talking about, having lost his own brother when he was a young teenager. Though Baber had not had the same experience, you’d never know it watching his live performance.

The artist gave 110 percent while he sang, emotion clearly painted across his face and demonstrated through his stage presence throughout the entire song. His honesty was impressive to all four judges.

“You give so much every time,” Gwen Stefani remarked. “Every note, every stance, it’s so much emotion. It’s very powerful."

Adam Levine agreed. “At the end of the day, if you don’t have that kind of belief, that kind of passion, you can’t do it. And you have that in spades,” he said.

Then came time for coach Shelton to weigh in on how his team member did.

“Dude, you amaze me,” he gushed. “The only other artist I’ve seen give as much as themselves to a performance as you is Garth Brooks."

Baber is up for voting until noon Wednesday (Nov. 11), after which the night's results will reveal whether or not he moves on to the next round in the Top 12. Check out his full performance of “I Drive Your Truck” above.

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