Blake Shelton performed his brand new single 'Over' on tonight's (April 30) episode of 'The Voice.' We're used to seeing the country superstar and papa bear coach with a guitar strapped to his person while he performs, but it wasn't there tonight with this song. It was all about Shelton and his "voice" on prime time network TV.

The song, a thought-provoking ballad, sounded terrific while being performed for the first time in front of a live studio audience, and Shelton certainly owned it. We hope the members of his team paid close attention, because Shelton showed them what it means to be a seasoned, consummate and professional performer. Sure, he is known for his sarcastic and funny commentary and for being the goofiest of the coaches, but when the time comes to do what he does best -- and that's sing -- Shelton is flawless.

The camera panned to fellow coach Christina Aguilera mid-song. While Xtina has been known to Shelton's chops throughout the season, she was nodding her head in time with the melody and even flashed a smile tonight, clearly entertained by what Shelton was doing on that stage.

After listening to the song in both the studio and live format, it's clear that Shelton has yet another hit on his hands, thanks to the way he handles it.

Watch Blake Shelton Perform 'Over' on 'The Voice'