It was difficult to see country singer Gwen Sebastian walking away from 'The Voice' with tears in her eyes, but it would have been  even tougher to watch her battle-round competitor walk away heartbroken. Erin Williett sang for her sick father and became the fifth singer on Team Blake to move to the live viewer -voted rounds, which begin next month.

Earlier in the night, Jermaine Paul -- the longtime backup singer for Alicia Keys -- out-dueled ALyX, owning Billy Ocean’s ‘Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car.' Blake Shelton had warned Paul not to underestimate the younger singer, and he listened, turning in the night's most entertaining performance. Paul is a natural on stage, with moves and a voice that should make him an easy pick for viewers when the time comes.

Sebastian, the colorful North Dakotan, and Willett sang Pat Benetar's 'We Belong.' After rehearsals with Miranda Lambert and Kelly Clarkson, the New Yorker told Shelton that her father wasn't doing well. Viewers had met Chuck Willett during the blind audition rounds. He was suffering from pancreatic cancer, and doctors told the family his time was short. The father encouraged his daughter to sing for 'The Voice' win instead of being by his side. Shelton shared that he had gone through a similarly tragic loss, presumably referring to his brother Richie who died in a car accident when the singer was just a teenager.

The friendship Willett and Sebastian forged in such a short period of time was touching. Sebastian cried for herself, but seemed sincere when saying she was glad she lost to Willett. Sadly, as the credits passed, viewers learned that Chuck Willett had lost his battle.

Watch Gwen Sebastian Battle Erin Willett on 'The Voice'