Blake Shelton has some pretty strong evidence supporting his argument that his 'The Voice' team is the best. The singer posted several tweets today about Team Blake's iTunes chart positions, proving that the public is responding to his performers each time they take the stage. You can't argue with the fact that people are purchasing the songs after the fact.

The viewers like what they see and hear, so they spend their hard-earned dime on it. That's proof that what Shelton is doing is working. RaeLynn, his country cutie, is performing particularly well on iTunes and Shelton pointed that out for all -- especially the 17-year-old hopeful's critics -- to see.

As the Papa Bear of his remaining three 'The Voice' cubs, the first thing Shelton did upon waking up this morning was check iTunes to see where his team members landed on the charts. That's especially sweet, because it shows his level of investment in his "kids." "Woke up. Checked iTunes. Pissed pants...." Shelton tweeted early Tuesday afternoon, adding, "#TeamBlake is not just ahead. They are DOMINATING!!!!"

He issued two RaeLynn-specific tweets, coming to her defense against the haters."@Team_RaeLynn: any wisdom for all the stupid @RaeLynnOfficial haters put there?” a fan asked, to which he responded a simple "This..." -- a photo of the iTunes country playlist, where the blonde teen's name falls among the likes of Aldean and Lambert, who are already country superstars.

To further his point, Shelton wrote later, "Just to reinforce my #teamblake excitement. Heres the only 2 Voice artist in the OVER ALL iTunes chart.." Again, it was RaeLynn and R&B singer Jermaine Paul shown at the top of the downloads. The pair both performed on Monday's episode of 'The Voice,' during which fellow contestant Jordis Unga was eliminated.

Shelton argues the cold, hard fact that you can't mess with numerical success in this business. "It is impossible to argue with music that people buy.. You can't even make a good point about it," he shared with his followers. "When money is spent to own it, it's right."

Well, we're convinced. Shelton's team is down to three members -- RaeLynn, Jermaine Paul and Erin Willett -- and it will be pared down to two after tonight's (April 17) audience elimination, which is the result of fan votes... and iTunes downloads.