If you’ve been watching Blake Shelton's ‘Wishin’ Boot’ music video spoof from 'Saturday Night Live' on a loop for over a week, you can finally give your browser a rest. The parody's audio is now available for download on iTunes.

The song -- for those who missed it -- is a melodramatic, '90s-style inspirational ballad about a magical ‘wishin’ boot’ that shows up in the most dire circumstances, giving the believer just what they need at that moment. 'SNL' cast members Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon trade verses with Shelton as they weave tales of desperate (and ridiculous) circumstances, each one redeemed with a mysterious boot. To top it off, the trio looks like they were plucked straight out of 1994.

The video was so popular that the song can now be purchased in the iTunes store, putting it just a click away from a playlist near you. Buy it here, but we can’t promise you won’t be humming it in your cubicle all day.

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