Burns and Poe's latest single, 'Second Chance,' has only been at radio for a couple of weeks, but it is already making a big impact with listeners across the country. The tune was written by the duo -- Keith Burns and Michelle Poe -- along with Tom Stipe, who is the TV voice and producer of the University of Alabama's Crimson Tide.

"Michelle and I swap lines back and forth in the verses," Burns tells Taste of Country of the song's formula. "Then, we hit two part harmony in the chorus."

"You told me that you needed some space / But I didn't mean forever / Yeah, you were sure in a hurry to get out of this place / I just wanted a change of weather / I should have followed you then / You couldn't read my mind / I should have listened closer, baby / All you heard was 'Goodbye,'" Burns and Poe sing in the lyrics of the song's opening verse.

"It's basically a conversation between two people who are discussing giving themselves another shot at love," Burns says.

"If you believe in a second chance, just reach out and take my hand / Within the flames of an old romance / I’ll be your girl, and I’ll be your man / If you believe in a second chance," the duo sings in the song's chorus.

"Originally we wrote this a little slower," Burns explains, "But when we cut it in the studio it took on a life of its own."

'Second Chance' is the third single off the duo's debut self-titled album that hit stores earlier this month.

Watch the Burns and Poe 'Second Chance' Video