When Carrie Underwood unveils her 2012 new album, it will have been nearly three years since her 'Play On' record, so we know that her fans' excitement for new music is growing by the day. While Miss Underwood has not spilled either a release date or an album title, it was confirmed just before the holidays that she wrapped recording on the record and stuck it under the tree, just in time for the new year.

The Inspiration
A lot has happened in Underwood's personal life since 2009, and we'd be willing to bet that her forthcoming 2012 new album will reflect her endless happiness. The blonde bombshell married her hockey husband Mike Fisher in mid-2010, and nearly a year later, they finally lived together under one roof when he was traded to the Nashville Predators. While that may mean no more barbed wire-tinged ditties like 'Cowboy Casanova' and 'Before He Cheats,' we predict there will plenty of love ballads on the highly anticipated 2012 new album.

The Songs
Right now, what Underwood's new release will contain in its bindings is just speculation -- albeit educated speculation. In reporting that the songstress had completed the recording portion of the new CD, 'American Idol' insider blog MJsBigBlog reported that Underwood has narrowed the first single from the new record down to two songs: an oldie and a co-write. Based on those reports, Underwood's two most recent registered co-writes are tunes called '1989' and 'The Riverbank Song,' so either of those could potentially pop up on a new release.

What to Expect
To be quite honest, only Underwood herself knows what the 2012 new album holds. Well, her and her talented team of producers, of course. What we are expecting is something fresh from the country goddess, who managed to stay relevant in both 2010 and 2011 even without new music of her own on the shelves. Earlier this year, Underwood did have a hand -- er, a voice -- in the third single from Brad Paisley's 'This Is Country Music' album. The pair dueted on 'Remind Me,' which found its way to the top of the U.S. country songs chart. Could Underwood's upcoming 2012 new album be home to any new duets? And if so, with which artists? We can't wait to hear what 2012 has in store.