Carrie Underwood fans are buzzing coast-to-coast as the singer has hinted at plans for a tour to take place in 2012. Underwood took to her website's fan club message board over the weekend, where she blogged about current happenings taking place and mentioned hitting the road in the near future. She says she plans to "tour my face off" in the new year.

As far as new music, Underwood is halfway through the process of working on the latest collection of songs. On her blog, Underwood says she needed to take a step back after three albums so she could regain focus on her life and career. The singing superstar explains that she needs it to be about the music, not the money or celebrity.

"I have been writing quite a bit and have been in the studio a bit," she revealed recently. "I probably have half an album done right now, and I am trying to fill in the gaps and figure out what fits into the puzzle. It’s a fun time right now."

She added on her blog that fans will not be disappointed with the new music in the works because she will be doing it right and knows what her fans have grown to love from her.