Fans are eagerly anticipating Oct. 23, when Carrie Underwood’s new record Storyteller will finally be available. Now they’ve got another thing to look forward to: Underwood will be performing on NBC's Today to celebrate.

The star will hit Today’s outdoor stage as part of the show’s Citi Concert Series, and the set will surely include her latest hit “Smoke Break,” the lead-off single from Storyteller. Underwood co-wrote the song and says it’s not so much a literal celebration of smoking or drinking as it is a testament to the fact that everybody works hard and needs to take a break sometimes. She recently released a lyric video of the tune that features photos from fans showing what they like to do to unwind.

“The song itself is just kind of one of those story songs that I feel like everybody can relate to about how life is so hectic and it’s so nice if and when you get to step away for a second, and we all need that time to ourselves, to get to take a break,” she says.

Underwood has been stepping up her songwriting game over the years — she has co-written six of the 13 tracks on the new record. She’s even been trying her hand at strumming the acoustic while on stage singing, which she has been incorporating during her performances of “Smoke Break."

The artist will be taking the stage with buddy and co-host Brad Paisley at the 2015 CMA awards on Nov. 4, the duo’s 8th year in a row to do so. Underwood has been performing in a wide array of places lately, including the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, the Opry’s 90th birthday bash and even the Apple Music festival in London. She’s also set to headline one of the dates in each of the three locations of the UK’s biggest country festival, Country to Country, early next year.

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