Social media can't get enough of face-swapping — and neither can we! We swapped country artist's faces, and things got a little, um, terrifying!

Face-swapping is pretty self-explanatory. You swap one person's face for another while keeping the original person's hair and body features. It's the latest craze online and on Snapchat (where you can do it live). We used to swap stock images of some of country music's biggest names.

What would Carrie Underwood's fabulous hair look like with a different face — and perhaps a mustache? Brantley Gilbert's body is pretty rockin', but what if we gave him a feminine face? Let's take Brett Eldredge's luscious locks away and make him bald (a la Kenny Chesney). Thomas Rhett's face is nice and scruffy, just the way we like him, but we gave him a gorgeous female's face on top of all that scruff.

Click through the gallery above and see what your favorite country stars would look like with different hair, different facial features or even a beard. This gallery is sure to make you LOL! Enjoy!