2010 'American Idol' runner-up Crystal Bowersox angrily declares that she's no longer a 'Farmer's Daughter' on the first single from her just released debut album of the same name. The song deals with the always-touchy subject of childhood abuse, something Bowersox reportedly dealt with while growing up in Ohio.
As the dramatically arranged song steadily builds up to its testifying-worthy country-folk platform, Bowersox makes it clear this pattern won't stand any longer:

"This is the last time you're gonna see us around / This was your last chance to prove you wouldn't let me down / So go on get going and get away from here / All alone is how you're gonna spend the rest of your years / No farmer's daughter anymore mommy dear."

Bowersox has just launched a brand-new website in celebration of the release of 'Farmer's Daughter,' and you can catch her appearance on the 'Chelsea Lately' show tonight, Dec. 22 on E! Entertainment television.

Listen to Crystal Bowersox, 'Farmer's Daughter'