Darius Rucker tackles married people problems during his new single ‘Miss You,’ the fourth from the ‘True Believers’ album. Much like Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood did before with ‘Remind Me,’ Rucker sings about losing that romantic spark in a marriage. His performance is every bit as passionate as that of the two superstars.

Rucker and his wife Beth have been married for 13 years, and they have three kids. Any couple married longer than five years has experienced a romantic slump. On the surface, this is a humdrum topic to sing about, even if it’s something everyone goes through -- normally a surefire way to score a hit. Without an inspired vocal performance and sharp lyrics, ‘Miss You’ would be as effective as a song about taking out the trash.

“Laid down in this big old bed / And you turned on the TV / Fell asleep without a goodnight kiss / Or even an 'I love you, baby,'” Rucker sings to close the first verse after describing the date he and his wife just enjoyed.

Passion has never been a problem for Rucker. He begins quietly before exploding through the chorus: “How can we go all night and not even touch one another / How can we say we’re still in love and not be lovers / How did we get here / Where you can be right there / And I can be with you and miss you.”

By the end, the veteran singer's yearning for some physical reminder is palpable, but his song never comes across as desperate or fueled by carnal desire. That’s the key. There aren’t many country men who could pull this song off, but Rucker’s willingness to explore a range of topics over the years makes him a perfect candidate.

Key Lyrics: "Baby, I still need to / Hold and touch you / Please say it’s not the end / Oh baby, please say we’re not just friends"

Did You Know?: Rucker and co-writer Frank Rogers had their wives in mind when they wrote 'Miss You.' In fact, they both asked for each woman's blessing before including the track on 'True Believers.'

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